No license or subscription fee.

We don’t have a subscription fee like a traditional software as a service company. The way fitbox works is this; Gyms will select an ‘Investment Plan’, starting at $3 per user per month.  100% of this investment is returned to the Gym as store credit added to your Again Faster account. (in dollars, not points). 

You can buy anything on our store with this credit, at your regular commercial pricing. This includes our range of standard gym consumables, such as chalk, cleaning products, whiteboard markers, even toilet paper. We also have in development a variety of additional products and services that you will be able to spend this credit on, such as our soon to be release our managed website management and hosting services from fitbox Sites.  We will also include the products on the Again Faster reseller program. At minimum, these products return a 35% margin at RRP. So you can actually make money on your store credit.  We will also be working with platform partners to offer additional products and services from partners. For example training seminars for your coaching staff or a sauna for an additional revenue stream for your gym.  

What can I spend my Credit on?